Olivier Bonaventure


Olivier Bonaventure is full professor at the École Polytechnique de Louvain (EPL), Université catholique de Louvain (UCL).

He is a member of the ICTEAM research institute. His research activity is focussed on computer networks and Internet protocols. He and the members of the IP Networking Lab that he leads have received various awards at prestigious networking conferences. He also serves as Education Director of ACM SIGCOMM.


Open Education: towards open digital learning resources Yves Deville and Olivier Bonaventure, Université catholique Louvain

Short abstract

Open Education introduces, in the field of learning, an open approach with collaboration and knowledge sharing. In terms of content, Open education proposes to promote the development and use of open educational resources, that is learning materials in a digital format freely distributed to educators, students or any individual around the world. Digital opens the door to new types of educational materials and facilitates dissemination. MOOCs are a possible implementation of the Open Education, but other digital technologies can also be offered.

The first part of the talk will present and discuss Open Education.

In the second part, Olivier Bonaventure will present his experience with three open ebooks.